2014 Clandestine Comic Show Dates


 2014 Dates

June 1st Holiday Inn Laurel, MD

July 27th Holiday Inn Laurel, MD – C.H.U.D.

Oct. 19th North Baltimore Plaza (formerly Crown Plaza) Timonium, MD

Nov. 23rd Holiday Inn Laurel, MD


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Clandestine Comics

Sunday June 1, 2014

Holiday Inn Laurel, MD

Show runs from 10am-3pm

Dealers from around the region will be selling Golden, Silver, Bronze Age books to the most recent books on the shelves, along with non-sports cards, graphic novels, CCG books, toys (limited) original art, supplies and much more.

If you have never been to one of our shows you are missing out on the best selling one day show for comics!

Come early stay late, enjoy door prize drawings for show cash and other giveaways.