FAQ about CHUD

FAQ about C.H.U.D.

 What is C.H.U.D.?

C.H.U.D. is an acronym for Comics Hundreds Under a Dollar.

But what is a C.H.U.D. show?

A C.H.U.D. show is where every comic in the room is sold for a DOLLAR or less.

Why do a C.H.U.D. show?

This type of show gives everyone a great opportunity to look for those lost treasures. Dealers have an opportunity to bring inventory that they would not normally bring.  Allowing them to thin out there overstock or there current stock of books.

It gives the customer the chance to buy large quantities of comics for very little money.

Are all the comics junk or worthless?

As every show is different and the qualities of books varies this show is unique in that it allows dealers to move inventory that may have been buried for a long time. Dealers will be selling Silver Age, Bronze Age, Modern, and Current books.


Will these books be in Mint condition?

It is possible that the newer books will be in mint condition but the Silver and Bronze will more than likely be Good to Fair (2.0-7.0). If you are lucky maybe you find the steal of the show hidden in a box.


Will the books be in alphabetical order?

Every dealer handles there inventory differently, but yes several dealers will take the time to alphabetize there books and others will not take that time (myself being the latter).


Can I bring my own box to fill?

You can always bring your own box to carry what you purchased.


Will dealers will be buying books?

Dealers are always looking to buy additional inventory but remember this is a C.H.U.D. so all books are sold for a dollar or less.


How many dealers will be at the show?

Currently, I can not answer as dealers are still signing up for the show. There will be a minimum of 21 tables for this show.


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Clandestine Comics

Sunday August 16, 2015

Holiday Inn – Laurel

Show runs from 10am-3pm

Dealers from around the region will be selling Golden Age to Modern comics along with supplies, original art, non-sports cards and much more. Clandestine Comics prides itself on showcasing the best dealer room for a one day show in the Mid Atlantic region. Due to dealer schedules we are always rotating dealers through the shows offering new inventories at every show. Each show offers customers over 100,000 books, so if you have never attended or have not attended in a while come out to the show and bring your shopping list!

Admission to this show is $3.00